Fees / Charges / Rates / Expenses / Terms and Conditions:

(Please, note: According to our sporadic research, there are some translators around the world whose fees (if comparable at all) are lower than ours.
Please, kindly close this window if you are looking for -or have been instructed to look for- "the cheapest translation (or translator)".
Much to our regret, apparently not everybody has been able to afford our services over the past 25 years. We try to please with the quality of our work rather than with unfeasibly low prices. Thank you.)

All mandatory applicable taxes are added to our invoice amounts.

Translations - written:

Fees depend upon ...
    the subject and degree of specialty of the material to be translated,
    the frequency of work for the client,
    the size and the urgency of the job at hand, and ...
    possibly other factors.
We may charge our translation fees
"per word" (mostly and preferably) or
"per line" or
"per page"
or at a fee "per hour"
once no less than the above five criteria are known to us.
Our fees "per word" start around 18 Cents US.

Translations - oral (interpreting):

Fees depend upon ...
    the subject and degree of specialty of the assignment,
    the frequency of work for the client,
    the size and urgency of the task at hand,
    the location(s) of the assignment and ...
    possibly other factors.
From €; 30. - / US$30. - / CDN$45.- / £20.- / AU$50.- per hour up.

For some assignments where our translator/s stay/s at our office:
Mediating, editing, web matters, creative writing, proof reading, narrating, making telephone calls, interpreting tele-conferences or other meetings at our address,
we charge an hourly rate:

From € 20.- / US$20. - / CDN$30.- / £15.- / AU$35.- up.

Travelling with you, for you / your customers/partners, on your behalf:

Fees depend upon ...
    the subject of the assignment
    the length of the task at hand,
    the location(s) of the assignment and ...
    possibly other factors.
A day for travels or part thereof is commonly charged at a mutually agreed upon flat rate. Travel and daily allowance expenses or parts thereof are normally payable in advance.

Certifications: € 20.- / US$20. - / CDN$30.- / £15.- / AU$35.- per translation
(see special note below, please).

Expenses are commonly charged at our net cost or according to our estimates, and are sometimes payable in advance, plus applicable taxes. Where we can reasonably be expected to do so, we will present vouchers for job related expenses.
Please, feel free to call The German Connection Inc.
or to send us a fax or an e-mail

with your particular request for any of our services.
We would get back to you with an estimate or firm price a.s.a.p.,
or with our return call to discuss your needs or ideas
in order to identify our engagement as clearly as possible.
Security deposit: Prior to commencing an assignment for a client hitherto unknown to us, we may request a down-payment on the estimated or fixed total invoice amount and/or expenses.

Currency: Our invoices are payable in the currency of our agreement with our customers.

Credit Cards: We do accept payments by VISA or MasterCard.

Overdue interest: Late interest will be charged and payable on all unpaid invoice amounts or parts thereof commencing 10 days after the due date.

Collection / Court Costs: Any legal, administration, collection fees or expenses caused by unpaid bills are payable by the respective delinquent customer.

Confidentiality: Any correspondence with us, including inquiries or tenders and / or resulting assignments to us will be and have always been treated with the utmost confidentiality. A clear identification of responsible staff on our customer's side is often necessary.

Liability: The translator(s), having executed to her / his / their best ability and knowledge a faithful, complete, diligent and thorough translation fits, and / or The German Connection Inc. shall not be liable for any damages possibly caused by most regrettable and unintended mistakes or omissions within the translation(s), unless a case of gross negligence can be proven.

Copyright: In the event of a translation of previously published material of any kind (or parts thereof) that may be copyrighted, we reserve the right to receive unquestionable proof of any copyright holder's permission for the translation. Any costs related to obtaining such permission are to be borne by our customer or his/her/its customer.
Our clientele is urged to note at the earliest possible stage that the procurement of the copyright for translation purposes (where required) may take unexpected and valuable time.
The translation(s) we execute for our clients remain our restricted
proprietary or intellectual property until paid in full.

Certified Translations: Our firm frequently receives requests to produce a "certified" or a "notarized" translation or something to a similar effect.
Notaries or lawyers/attorneys at law who are notaries public as well, cannot or will not certify the accuracy and completeness of a translation for which purpose the notary/lawyer/attorney would not be qualified or licensed even if she/he would happen to be bi-lingual in the language combination at hand.
Hence, a certification of a translation from this firm is issued and has been over the past 25 years) in the format of a Sworn Affidavit or a Declaration in Lieu of an Oath which the translator would gladly affirm before a notary or attorney or court clerk. The costs for such appearances are commonly charged to our clients.