"The Man at the Helm" / competence:

Henning A.A. Graf von Platen-Hallermund

... spent about 50% of his life in Germany
(childhood, schools, training as a banker)

and approximately 50% in Canada
(accountant, businessman, property manager, journalist).

Hobbies: People, horses, writing, windsurfing,
challenging assignments.

Since 1976 self-employed: translating, consulting, and other related or unrelated services rendered in 6 countries to a wide variety of clientele, among it the Courts, law firms, Olympic organizing committees, ministries of forest, finance, justice, human resources, a major bakery, casino corporations, a federal slaughterhouse, trade missions and commissions, and particularly reciprocal (court and government) authorities concerned with the international enforcement of family and child support issues.

Henning translated, among other matters, upon instruction of a Canadian government department for the German Federal Attorney General the text of the federal Canadian Act concerning child and family support as well as the respective guidelines.
Other names of clients from our files "worth mentioning" may be:
The legal department of the Hypo-Vereinsbank, Munich, (one of Europe's largest banks)
UNIDO in Vienna,
the German Federation of Industries (BDI),
the federal Canadian Department of Justice,
various provincial attorney generals departments,
federal United States law enforcement agencies,
the Family Maintenance Enforcement Department (FMEP) British Columbia,
"Expo '86",
the Austrian Federal Chamber of Industry and Commerce ("BuKa"), trade commission Vancouver,
and many more.